I'm looking for a reasonably priced rain shower head. I have the Brizo Vesi shower with diverter which are yet to be installed.

I don't think that we will heavily use the rain shower but I do want one as it's easier to install it now rather than later down the road.

I have been looking for a square rain shower head and I don't want to spend a significant amount. I don't think we will use it much.

So I was looking at the Toto shower heads. Anyone know what the difference between the Upton and the 10" rain shower head is?

I called Toto and they said it was most likely the arm. The Upton has a swivel head connecting to the arm and the rain shower head is fixed.

I will be installing this from the ceiling so I am wondering since the Upton is about $800-$1000 cheaper would the Upton thread onto a fixed ceiling arm?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!!