Can I do that? lol I have 2 - 4ft x 8ft solar water collectors that are about 30 years old now that I want to use to cut down on my electric bill - I was hoping I could just put in a loop out to the first collector, hook it up directly to the scond collector, and then back into the house to the water heater - sort of a hot water pre-heater system if you will. I would put in 3 shutoff valves (so I can bypass and drain collectors in the winter) - one on each of the lines going to and from the collectors and one in between the two lines in and out to the collectors - in the main (old line) to the water heater. My concerns are over heating in the summer - would that be an issue? I live in a forrested area of Northern california between Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe - summer temps are around the 80-100f range, there are some shade issues from the 60+ft pine trees but not too much... everything I have seen online had a heat exchanger tank - didnt find anything like what im wanting to do. are there other issues that KI should be thinking about?

Any Help is appreciated!