I posted over in the wrong forum and have a couple of questions for you.
A brief background:
This past week I had a two-tank carbon filter put in because my well tested positive for pesticides. Two GAC tanks and a pre/post filter. The pre-filter clogged up quickly (three days) and the house lost dramatic pressure.
I had the installer come out but,while nice,he is a real biscuit,and I have pretty much determined that I need a back-washable filter on this new set-up as my well water is pretty heavy with seditment.And I am not going to change filters every three -four days. My well pump needs replacement about every six years due to the quality of water. I am not drilling a new well or heading in that direction either,yet.

My questions now are:
1) Is the FLECK 7000 a good sediment filter...any brands that the folks her like more?
2) Is CHEMSORB a good material for the inside? Does it really do the job for as long as the company says?
3) I have been assured that the soda ash is for the PH and will not be removed by the filters. Does the soda as need the react with the galavanized tank to be effective or ,someday down the line,can I replace that old dinosaur with a modern tank?

My setup is something like this:
-well is 210+" deep. If I recall, a 3/4 Goulds pump in the well.
-I inject soda ash and the water continues to a glavanized holding tank.
-water leaves tank to the new carbon tank set-up.

Thanks in advance.