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Thread: Replacement for Toto GMax fill valve - type A

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    Default Replacement for Toto GMax fill valve - type A

    Hi there. I have a Toto Ultramax with a GMax Type A fill valve that seems to need repair or replacement (toilet keeps running, valve continues sending water into the tank even after the tank is full, causing water to constantly run down the overflow tube).

    Is there a Korky product that I can use for this? All of the references I have seen to Korky fill valves appear to be the "type B" style. If my toilet originally had a "Type A" fill valve, can I replace it with a type B? The photo attached is the kind that is in my toilet right now.

    I'm trying to find a way to use something I can buy at Home Depot, rather than special-ordering one from the manufacturer.

    Thanks -

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    The Korky MaxPerformance is the right one. Lowes carries them.

    Also, if you remove the screen at the inlet of the fill valve, they may fix the problem. Drop the hose, take a needle nose pliers and pull the screen, inspect and clean, and reassemble.

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    Your GMax toilet will take a "Type B" valve. They are interchangeable. It will take the Korky 528T "Fits Toto" fill valve no problem (I threw away that Chinese Vareto Type A fill valve in my Gmax Drake and replaced it with the Type B Korky 528T, which is much quieter on shutoff.) (FWIW, the regular, white-cap, Korky 528 will not work right in your toilet, because it refills at a standard 20% rate, whereas Toto GMax requires 40%, which is why Korky makes the 528T [fixed 40% refill rate, blue cap] and the 528MP [variable 0-40% refill rate, silver cap].

    However, the Terry-recommended 528MP that you can get at Lowe's (Lowe's calls it the 528MPK) is now selling for less money than the 528T (for no good reason), so you should follow Terry's advice and just get that.

    To expand upon what Terry said, Toto now uses a version of the 528MP MaxPerformance fill valve as the Toto Universal Official Replacement valve on EVERY Toto toilet. One valve for the whole product line. That means that if you called Toto for the replacement for your Type A valve, they would send you something that is basically the same as the Korky MaxPerformance fill valve that you can get at Lowe's for less than half of what Toto would charge you for essentially the same thing.

    That's why Terry's expertise is so valuable.
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    Depending on how old the toilet is, Toto might send you a new one for free.
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    I didn't pay enough attention to the first part of your post. Are you sure the water level is set right on the valve? Turn the white screw counterclockwise to decrease the water level, clockwise to raise. Maybe screwing it down a bit will stop the water before it hits the top of the overflow riser. Probably not, but worth a try.

    And if Toto sends you a new valve, it may well be the new TSU99A.X Universal Fill Valve, which is basically a Korky 528MP, with much more precise instructions on setting the refill ratio and the valve height. (They actually tell you how many pegs high it should be for your model toilet, and tell you to insert the "tamper proof key" at that level, which isn't really required, and they give you a gizmo to set the refill ratio other than just by eyeballing it. All of this is to ensure that the thing stays within Watersense (1.28gpf) or the 1.6 gpf regime. If you just eyeball it, then the water usage may go up a bit.) I'd be curious how easy you find it to install, because the 528MP is a cinch, in part because you just eyeball the settings.

    So let us know how it goes.
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