2 people, 15 GPG, so about 16000 G per week. I looked at a variety of 1.0 CF and 1.25 CF softeners (looking for Fleck or Clack valves) and they are all 9 inch tanks, so no more than 8-10 g/min flow rate. So I am looking at a 1.5 cf Aqua-pure (CWS150) that will be at least 12 gpm. Since I want to run it at minimum salt dose, the smaller softener is closer to the once per week regeneration cycle and the 1.5 cf will be more like 10-11 days. Is that going to be a problem?

Also, does anyone have any experience with Aqua-pure (3M Corp). It seems to be a Clack valve (looking at the installation and maintenance manuals) and everything else appears to be quality parts.