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Thread: Can anyone ID this bug?

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    Default Can anyone ID this bug?

    I found this cutie outside on my chair. Can anyone identify him? He looks like he was posing for me.
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    looks like a young cricket to me, but i couldn't say for sure.

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    that's what I thought, too, but, I don't know either for sure. But, he was very friendly, and I had let him walk onto my hand and he just sat there looking around. I have little neighbor kids, and the one saw me taking pictures, and had to come over, wanting to see the bug. They yelled over, " what cha got there Cookie?" I said, " a bug." They were very impressed, and wanted to keep him in a jar.
    I told them, that wouldn't nice to do, that he was enjoying just visiting, and maybe, he would come back again, if we didn't jar him up, lol.

    So, they tried feeding him stuff, he wouldn't eat. I got him bird seed, bread, berries, steak, a martini. ( only kidding) lol. The neighbor kids really liked him, and when they asked, " what is he?" I really wasn't sure. They were especially impressed with how long his "whiskers" are, and was giggling like crazy. I am going to make copies of the bug and frame it for them.
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