I've seen quite a bit of discussion about how to install shower valves...seems like it ought to be very simple. But something seems to be wrong with my Delta shower valve installation. I understand that the plaster guard should be flush with finished wall. I installed it so that would be the case. But when I put the valve handle components on the valve to make sure it was alright, there is disagreement. The trim sleeve (which covers the brass valve) has a sticker with a line that says the finished wall should be at the line. But the line is 3/4 of an inch out from the front of the plaster guard. This is beyond the 1/2 inch leeway that it says I have. Regardless of what depth I install the valve, there is a 3/4 " disagreement between what the instructions say about the plaster guard and what the sticker on the trim sleeve says (and yes, the trim sleeve and other handle components are Delta).

Here's a link for photos of my installation.


Can someone tell me what's up here?