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Thread: Tub to Shower Conv - Need Advice on Drain

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    Smile Tub to Shower Conv - Need Advice on Drain

    Hello Everyone - I a DIY'er with many projects under my belt. I've come across something on this project where I need some input. I have a home built in 1984 and I'm remodeling a bathroom, removing the tub and making a shower.

    This weekend I dug out the hole around the tub drain to find that I do not have the room I thought I would to install a 2" line. I was hoping I would have enough room to take out the 1 1'2" line for a 2" shower drain.

    (See pic)

    With some research, I found that my City has adopted the 2009 IPC so I can use a 1 1/2" P trap and drain. (I know it's not ideal, but it will meet code.)However, the issue I have is my A/C unit drains into this line from the attic. It drains into the back of the tub drain (see pic). So, my question is the following:

    1) Should I leave the existing P trap, cut it and put a 'T' connector on the end to attach the shower drain and the A/C drain? Makes sense to me because it will block the sewer smell up the A/C and Shower lines. However, I didn't know if it is ok to have the P Trap away from the actual shower drain? I have always installed the P Trap directly underneath the shower drain. Would it be a problem to unclog if it was set-up this way? The shower drain would be 12" - 24" inches from the P Trap (I haven't decided on the exact location yet.)

    - or -

    2) Install an extra P trap - leave the existing one and install one under the shower drain. Tee in A/C line near exisitng P Trap. I just thought the P Trap under he shower drain would be the first to clog making access easier for clean out. The exisitng P Trap left in place to block sewer smell up A/C line into the attic.

    - or -

    3) Cut out old P Trap and install new one under the shower drain. Tee in the A/C line connection into shower drain line near the old P Trap location. My concern here is that I would have to install a P Trap in the 3/4" A/C drain line to keep sewer smell from going up the A/C line.

    Thanks for the assistance.
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