Had a sprinkler system professionally installed about 6 years ago. Had been working flawlessly until a few weeks ago. It runs once a week for four zones. Started to trouble shoot it today and can offer this info. My Rainbird control in the garage works like it always has and when I manually turned on the sprinklers today it clicks like it always has on and off. What I did notice is that my pump will turn on for a few seconds and then shut down, but it sounds like it always has It does this for all four zones. Also I opened up the faucet on my pump and water will come out of it while the pump does run for those few seconds before it shuts down. All four zones though do not ever come on. I took a peak at my cellinoids but need assistance on what checks to make. I doubt all four zones failed but we did have a tropical storm come through here a about a month ago with lots of rain and lightning. I have access to a meter if there's a way to test voltages on all the items. Thanks