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Modern in what way?
About the only thing there that is not Modern would be the valve because it is not digital.
Most companies are only into selling new equipment.

One finds a Model T that with a little work could be on the road again working.
Do you pass it to the junk yard ?
Do you work on it to put it on the road?
I appreciate the sentiment. In fact, if I was one of you guys and knew how to rebuild this thing, I might. However, hiring it done would probably cost almost as much as a whole new system when you factor in new resin, rebuild the valve, new metered control etc. Also, I think this is a 1.5 cube unit and I really need a 2.5 or 3.

I'm planning to buy a new softener online, put it together myself and hire a plumber to install. I will keep this old unit so I can tinker at my own pace. Might make a good iron filter for the sprinkler system or something.