There is a new water heater manufacturer in the United States that is building cold climate, all in one, heat pump water heaters. AirGenerate has developed a heat pump water heater that can generate hot water with ambient temperature down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Most other heat pump water heaters in the US such as the Rheem HP50 and the GE Geospring only work in heat pump mode (the energy efficient mode) with ambient temperatures down to 40 or 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it dips into lower temperatures the water heater only operates in electric resistant mode, which is the same as all other conventional electric tank type water heaters. The AirGenerate product seems to be more suitable for Northern climates, since they can generate hot water even in colder winter months.
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Does anybody have any experience with the AirGenerate AirTap Hybrid water heaters? I am talking about the all-in one units...the ATI50 or ATI66....

I am wondering what the contractor and home owner perspectives are on this water heaters. Stainless steel seems to be good when the home is on well water.

BUT does it really work? How does it stack up against the GE Geospring, the Rheem HP50, Bosch, or AO Smith unit?

The manufacturer's website is not really that great. I found some information on a smaller website.

What about the price? Is it worthwhile to pay $1,700 for the 50 gallon unit or $2,000 for the 66 gallon tanks?