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Thread: New dual-flush Rockport from Sterling (a Kohler brand)

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    Default New dual-flush Rockport from Sterling (a Kohler brand)

    I just saw in my local plumbing store a new dual-flush (.8-gal, 1.6-gal) toilet from Sterling (a Kohler brand). It's called "Rockport." It's made in Thailand.
    (Map testing is 300 to 325 grams)

    I thought I had decided on a Caroma dual-flush, but this is a lot cheaper at $230. Does anyone know anything about this toilet and its performance? It looks a lot like the Caroma, with a steep-sided, washdown-type bowl, except the flush mechanism seems to be smaller and perhaps less sturdy.

    I found this link on the toilet: http://www.sterlingplumbing.com/rockton_dual.html

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    Haven't seen one yet; but I can tell you that it has already been added to the list of toilets eligible for the $75 water conservation rebate available from the San Diego County water authority. Their list got much shorter effective Nov. 1, 2004. Many previously eligible toilets are no longer on the list. Conspicuously absent are Kohler Wellworth, A/S Cadets, etc. Of the toilets frequently mentioned on this forum, the eligiglbe toilets include many Toto, the Champion, and the Cimarron, as well as now the Rockton. Very few gravity flush models. Most models of power-assisted are on the list.


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