I need better ventilation in my bedroom. Here is the setup.Typical 12x18 bedroom with a master bath.Hot water heat. AC is a wall AC.When I built this addition to my house I insulated all the walls even interior and ceiling.This room is on main floor with a 2nd story above.Bathroom insulated the same.There is only 1 crank out egress type window in the room. The bathroom has no window only a vent which we always use.Here is the problem in the morning the room is always very stuffy.Even with the window open.There is a ceiling fan always running plus another fan.I cut a couple small vents one in the bathroom one in the bedroom to maybe get some airflow from the adjacent room but it didn't help much.The only thing that helps is leaving the door open a little,but that is really not desirable. No ductwork at all in the house. There is a crawlspace under this room.The humidity is usually running 65% or higher in this room. Ive got the bath vent fan on a timer so I can run it extended times.Any easy fixes? Is there a small vent fan I could install in the wall to circulate the air to the adjacent room?