I do have the boiler set at 180. I'm not sure I would want to raise it, as my radiant is a suspended pex system simply running as a straight zone, no low temp exchanger at all. The boiler seems to be doing OK getting the tank up to 150, but if I can speed the recovery I can drop that down. At this point installing the 1", 33 Cv W-R valve seems low hanging fruit at $123 and a quick easy install, vs the rebuild of both sides of the zone manifold I was contemplating.

I don't think my walls are that cold, I have an IR thermometer, and my readings on my windows were in the high 50's when it was pretty cold out. I was interested in whether the large coated and gas filled window in my kitchen was any more insulating than the rest which are standard 2 pane. It wasn't, maybe they're more effective at keeping out the sun than the cold. I've never felt the walls were as cold as the windows, there are no drafts. Maybe this winter I'll keep an eye on it, and get temp reading from both the plaster and brick walls.