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Thread: Heat Pump

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    Default Heat Pump

    Hi my armstrong heat pump died on me the it is a 4 ton , service person said the compressor was pulling too many amps and tripping the breakers. He suggested an 4 ton goodman heat pump after read reviews on Goodman most are bad ones. So since this forum has been a big help to me in the past . Here i am again seeking advice on what brand to put in. Is Goodman as bad as the reviews suggest? What would you experts put in your home? I think that the heat pump should 16 seer or above. But I know nothing about this one thing for sure the new one has to go in Monday or Tuesday Thanks george

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    Nothing wrong with goodman. As with any brand, it is FAR more important to use a well qualified factory certified installer, especially for a 16 SEER unit, where 'shade tree mechanics' just don't cut the mustard\

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