My wife and I have no understanding how to resolve our problem. We noted blue-green discoloration in our toilets. We tested our well water and there was no significant copper emanating from the well and the first draw from our faucet read 0.62. We thus had corrosion causing leaching from our copper pipes. A water softener company checked our water. The pH was 7.5 at the sink and we were told that we had elevated CO2 in our drinking water. We previously had a water conditioner and neutralizer. We called a national company who added soda ash but we were unable to maintain a stable pH in our sink water. They then tried Carus 4200 orthophosphate. After two months, again there was no copper emanating from the well and the sink first draw showed the same elevated 0.62 copper level. Our pH remains at 7.5. The Carus company (manufacturer of orthophosphate) stated that probably our water was made too soft for the orthophosphate to be effective. I told this information to the national water softener company and their response was to remove all their equipment and return our money. They were unwilling to try to alleviate the problem by increasing slightly the hardness of the water. Well, with no solution, we called a local non -national water treatment company. He did not retest our water, referring to our previous independent lab evaluations. His solution was to maintain our previous 2 cu ft Clack softener with a dome top,add two 10" x 54"filter 5800 SXT-neutralizer with a 80%Corasex-20%Calcite blend, properly ground the well tank to house electrical main, maintain a ph 8.2-8.6. He assures us that this will eliminate the excess copper leaching from our corroded pipes. He is charging $3000 for the 2neutralizers and $1250 additional parts and labor. My specific question is whether this seems like a reasonable corrective action. The price is high but I am willing h spend an extra $4250 if this will finally correct the problem. We have septic too and are concerned that the PH may become too high and cause a problem. We don't know if this system can properly regulate the PH. We are at wits end. Thank you, Stephen