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Thread: I have a 58" bathtub, which needs to be replaced.

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    Default I have a 58" bathtub, which needs to be replaced.

    There is an old post/discussion about whether this person really has a 58" or 60" bathtub. I live in an apartment built in the 50s. The wall-to-wall opening for the tub is 58". The bathtub is reglazed, which is what they would do again to fix the surface. I cannot tolerate reglazing and the apartment owner is willing to let me buy a porcelain tub (which is cheaper), but I can't seem to find the right size. The faucets are up against a shallow closet door on the hall side. There is a little wood cover on the shared wall in that closet, which looks like it is the back of the faucet. I haven't tried to determine what it is, yet, and I don't yet see a reason to find out.

    Even if I added in 1" of drywall on both walls combined, I really don't see how a 60" tub can fit. I have room for a wider tub, but not a longer tub. It is possible that the closet door in the living room is access to the tub side of the bathroom wall, if a change has to be made in plumbing. Their not unreasonable argument is that the new tub should fit into the old pipes. At this point, the only tub that would fit is a standing tub which would then have plumbing in the center and not the end, which is apparently not acceptable.

    The suggestion from the old post (which did not appear in my search) was "54" tubs are available. It is also possible to trim the bottom part of the studs and notch the floor on a 60" tub. I don't know what this means.

    Suggestions would be great.
    I can also check out a salvage yard, if 58" bathtubs were made in the past fifty-five years.

    Thank you.

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    There is no such thing as a 58" tub and there never was. Your tub is 60".


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    You have a 60" tub. Tubs are measured where the fit...STUD TO STUD, not WALL TO WALL. There are 54" tubs still available, but no such thing as a 58

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