I am having a problem with the lights my whole house dimming, seems to be when there is a load on the electric (AC on a hot day etc.) but also happens when there is not much of a load. The lights dim every 1 or 2 minutes for 2 seconds exactly.

Had the utility company out 4 times (they were here today again), everything checked out OK outside and no issues. Had 3 electricians check inside and all said could not find anything. I am stumped.

Today I checked with a multi tester and here is my results. Voltage at outlets start out at 120.4 and slowly over time (10-15 mins) goes to 117.4 with A/C running, I see downward spikes to 115.2 and then back up to 117 when the dimming happens.

What do I do? Getting tired of hunting this down.

I really appreciate any help.