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Thread: A/C Condenser Anti-vibration Isolation Pads

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    Default A/C Condenser Anti-vibration Isolation Pads

    The cork isolation pads under my A/C condenser unit have disintegrated. I am looking for a replacement. The DiversiTech MP-3E (3" X 3" X 7/8") looks good since it doesn't have a cork core. PexSupply sells 4 for 3.96 but the shipping is 11.61. Any suggestions for another pad suitable for outdoor use? (Not hockey pucks or cut up old tires.) I would like to buy locally but I haven't found anything at Lowe's or Home Depot.

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    Found it on amazon, but not currently available.

    I buy extensively on line. I would spend more than the 11.61 huffing around town looking for something. A local HVAC supply would have them, but IF they would even sell to you, it would be $5 each! mas impuesto of course!

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