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Thread: Moving a Toilet 3 inches sideways.

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    Default Moving a Toilet 3 inches sideways.

    I'm getting ready for a bath remodel. The toilet is positioned in a 32 inch space but it's 3 inches left of center. That puts it too close to the left wall. I want to center it during the remodel but I fear the reason it's not centered now is that a joist prevented the last contractor from centering it. Does anyone know of a solution if that indeed is the case, that a joist is interfering. I believe the joists run parallel with the toilet and not perpendicular. Thanks.


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    If a joist "prevented" the contractor from installing the toilet where it should, then he/she was not much of a contractor.
    Framing can and is routinely "adjusted" in such circumstances. After-the-fact modifications could be a different story.
    In any case, your first step is to open the area up enough to see exactly what's going on.

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    Yep, you cut it out, head off the joist, drill the header and life goes on.
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    Once in a while, you remodel the joists while you're at it. If you must, cut a piece out, and "head it off". Which means use the same dimension lumber to connect the cut ends of the joist to it's neighbors. Use approved joist hangers and nails. Not screws! Screws are brittle, and break easier than nails.
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    I used an offset flange in our upstairs bathroom. It won't give you 3 inches though if the current one is already tight to the joist.

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    As long as you have to cut and head joists, avoid using an offset flange. These are a potential problem. You have a lot of work ahead of you, so do it right while you are at it. A bit more work perhaps, but little added expense. Make sure the new flange is roughed-in at 12". This will make your choice of toilets unlimited.

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    Just a reminder, if you're going to cut the joist, before you do, put in adequate temporary bracing to hold it in position until you can rebuild things.
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