I posted this on another forum, but I decided to pose the question here too as I have read a few good articles from here.

We have well water and had the Kinetico guy come out today to chat with us about our water. Culligan is coming out Wednesday to give us a proposal.

Here are the stats given by Kinetico.
5.5 gpg hardness
141 TDS
.5 ppm iron
6.9 PH
Sulfur is 1-2ppm (this was a guestimate based on smell, I don't believe he tested for sulfur?)
We have a sulfur smell in the hot and cold water, but it is much worse in the hot water.
There is no slime or buildup in the toilet reservoir, so he doesn't think there is a sulfur or iron bacteria problem.

He suggested a 2030S with K5 RO system at the sink + 20" carbon filter to try to remove the sulfur odor. This was a little over 4k installed with labor/tax.

We really don't care for softened water. We get iron staining over time and the sulfur smell has to go. Those are the two objectives we are looking for. I have traditionally chlorinated the well every 6 months or so and the smell is drastically reduced for a certain amount of time afterwards.

Is there a better or cheaper solution to mainly removing the iron and sulfur?

Are there sulfur and/or iron filters that do not soften the water and actually work?

It seems to me that if you start softening your water you have to add RO, etc on top of it to get back to drinkable water. The K5's price was fairly ridiculous in my opinion.