Greetings Gurus,

I bought Morton Water Softener MSD30D less than a year ago. I worked fine for few months consuming about one 40 lb bag of salt every month. Our city water has hardness of 11 and .02 iron. I did not check hardness of soft water then but in shower could feel that water is soft. After 3-4 months I could feel that softener is not producing soft water. Called Morton. they asked me to check flow counter on display by opening faucet and it works fine. Ran Iron out twice. Poured gallon of warm water in brine well and regenerated twice. None of that helped. From the manual, followed instructions to follow regeneration steps. They worked fine and see suction from brine tube, discharge of water when required. Skipped backwash cycle or rinse after brine just to make sure that brine is entering tank and water was very salty. Flashed light on talk and visually checked the water entering during backwash. Then ran regeneration manually giving close to 1 hour for each step and still water is hard. Morton said that if all the components are working fine, they can not do anything more to help.

So every step appears to work fine except for soft water.What is missing? Appreciate any help or advise