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Thread: How do I go about picking an air jetted bathtub?

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    Default How do I go about picking an air jetted bathtub?

    How do I go about picking an air jetted bathtub?

    Years ago I saw an air jetted tub in a show room.
    It had a lot of holes where the air came from.
    It had an adjustable setting that I think went from 0 to 100.
    And it had holes where your back goes for a shiatsu massage.
    But I don't know how to find something like this.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Pretty much all tub manufacturers make their tubs in soaking, air jetted, whirlpool jetted, or both air and water jetted. My air tub is from Jason International, one of the brothers of the Jucuzzi family that decided to open his own business. Lots of companies make them in various sizes and configurations.
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    I'm loving the tech support and product from MTI Whirlpool Tubs. We have a special tub getting installed as we speak.

    Light therapy.


    Bubble therapy...... lol

    This puppy is loaded!

    We installed some Noble Company SIS sound reduction membrane to help make less noise for the renters below. Many stratas have this requirement of surpressing noice from a tile installation below to a neighbor.

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