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Thread: Is Delta a good brand to pick for faucets for a new house?

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    Default Is Delta a good brand to pick for faucets for a new house?

    We are having a house built and my wife picked out Delta faucets because she liked how they look.
    We will have 5 bathroom sinks, 1 kitchen sink, 1 air jet tub, 1 master shower, and a combination tub/shower.

    Are Delta Dryden Two Handle Widespread faucets; model # Delta 3551LF-RB; any good?

    I have some people telling me Delta is a good brand and some telling me to pick a different brand because Delta's
    are a poor quality.

    Thank you.
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    Delta has numerous lines, but many of them use the same cartridges. That is a big advantage over some others that may change them on a whim, making eventual repairs tougher and more expensive. There are state and federal rules that apply to plumbing fixtures like valves that are forcing more plastic to remove heavy metal water contamination (primarily lead), so you can't judge them by their weight anymore. That being said, Delta is a solid brand and if you like the look, go for it.
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    I'm a homeowner, not a pro. I built a house 3 years ago and used all Delta faucets: Leland in the kitchen, Victorian in the bath. Now we're adding on two more bathrooms and I'm using the Delta Victorian series again. I've had zero problems with Delta and the construction plumber likes working with the valves, etc. The one caution I would make is to NOT buy at a big box store. I'm not sure if "rumors" are true, but some say the plumbing fixtures from HD and such are not as well inspected as those bought from a plumbing supply. I bought all my plumbing stuff online from places like (hmm, the program here won't allow the names I typed to be displayed) .com, etc. I priced everything individually and bought from several vendors.

    There are many comments here about Delta, most are positive. Do get the full Delta Kitchen + Bath catalog (about 148 pages) at a plumbing supply house so you know all the parts to order. Check with your plumber to make sure you have all the right valves and such. I found it pretty intimidating, but managed. You will need all the right part numbers to effectively search for good pricing. The Dryden style has matching towel bars, tp holder, robe hook, etc. I bought the matching Victorian accessories and like them a lot.

    P.S. When I posted this the vendor names were ****'d out. Any search will turn up online vendors.
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