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Thread: A night out at the VFW

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    Alright Terry, you have posted so much about your nights out at dance clubs, that I finally, took up an offer with a girlfriend to go dancing. Now, I don't dance well. I got more than 2 feet. I have no rythmn and no beat to what I do. I look like I am having some sort of spasms but, I did it anyway. I danced. I danced the night away! I was at work, when she called again begging for me to go since she is newly divorced and all our friends are married but us, two. So, after much thought, I thought, " what the hell." So, she calls back making me rush at work, but, telling me she is watching everyone going in and all the men & women are old, I said, and asked the wrong question, lol, " how old?" She said, " like 50's, 60's." I grunted, thinking, geez, I am old... I am 58! I am old, lol. Then, I thought Terry, well, more for me.

    So, I get down there an hour late, and, I walked in, and, was greeted within minutes by an older man. Then, another, and another... Chris said, that no one had approached her until, I got there. I said initially, " no thanks" to their asking me to dance. Then, it was too funny, all these gin & tonics were lining up. I told Chris that I am not drinking them they are all probably, laced with Liquid X. I SAW that movie like the rest of the female population.

    This guy came up asked Chris to dance, he was her age, behind him, his friend, who said, to me, " I would ask you to dance but my shoe lace is untied." Well, being the good kind helpful soul I am I said, " do you want me to tie your shoe for you?" He had to be in his 80's. He then, laughed and said, " geez, it worked," I said, " what worked?" Then, I got it, lol. He said, " you are so sweet to offer to tie my shoe, you are nice" he tied his shoe and asked me to dance. Well, how could I resist that.

    Wally, who was the first guy who asked me to dance, came back up saying, " can I ask how old you are?" I said, " sure, 28." He looked, and then, said, " I thought 35 I was close." WOW. I couldn't let him think I was 28, lol, so, I told him the truth, and, he said, " WOW, I am 55! You are 5 years older than me!" Then, he walked away, LOL. How funny. Wally, only digs the younger chicks? LOL.

    Wally, his real name, was trying to impress me initially with his car. lol. I felt like I was back in high school. It was one year old and he was divorced, and said, about his car, and how his last girlfriend was so taken by it, all she wanted was rides to everywhere. I didn't want to burst his bubble, so, I didn't say anything, but, I actually, have 2 cars, one a jeep I gave to my son. When, I started to tell Wally about my grandson and how he is verbally fantastic he disappeared. lol.

    At first, I hadn't noticed the disco ball. Then, it dawned on me, and, I told Chris, oh my God, Chris I haven't seen one of those in 2 decades. I was watching all the men lined up thinking about my high school dances. The men were dressed fine, but, then, I started to notice the apparel of the women my age. I was stunned. I told Chris, if I ever look like that she to is slap me silly. One woman doing the cha cha in a too short, too tight, zebra print dress and she was flailing her arms so much I asked Chris if she was bringing in planes. Every woman I looked at my age, had so much make-up on, I couldn't find where the eyes started and ended. One woman I was talking to fluttered her huge duster-feather like fake eyelashes so fast and hard, they were like miniature personal fans & were cooling me down. I told Chris she had a bra on with built-in floor jacks & the petite rose that she had tatooed on years ago was now a distorted looking long stem rose. lol.

    There I was was, just from work, dressed modestly, minimal make-up, and dancing like I was on seizure meds. Chris told me to quit clowning around, and I said, " hey this is the best I do." And, " it gets worse with each drink."

    We had a great time, I was kidding her, that we should slow dance together and then, afterwards yell, " Chick-Fil-A!" We could had cleared the dance floor and had it all by ourselves. But, instead, she said that she only goes for the tall women, not someone short. "Short? You think, I am short?" I said, " I am vertically challenged and don't forget it." She is 6 foot tall and replaces all the high lightbulbs in my house.

    Since, I had a great time, we are doing this again in 2 weeks. Terry, you were right they are fun.

    There was one guy, I told Chris, I wouldn't mind meeting. But, he never came over. Wasn't meant to be I told Chris, I had nothing to impress him with, my car is ancient, my eyelashes are real, my dancing makes me look like I am in pain, and, I have no tats of wierd looking flowers. She kept walking me in circles around him though, it was funny, I told her to stop, I felt like I was stalking him.
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