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Thread: Help! Need Smaller and Flush Friendly

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    Unhappy Help! Size and Strength of Flush are Essential

    I am trying to remodel a very small bathroom in a late 1940s cape cod style house. I want a traditional regular style toilet ( hopefully with skirted design) that is 20 inches wide at the widest point. The toilet most be a super duper flusher! TOTO is great but I need a regular not elongated bowl. I am so tired of flushing 4-5 times just to get 3 lengths of tissue to exit the bowl!

    I also need a compatible style lavatory that is no wider than 19-20 inches. I would prefer a wall mount but pedestal could work.

    Thanks for all your help.
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    Toto has round bowls in the Promenade, Drake, Ultramax and Supreme lines. All are available in either 1.6 or 1.28 (Watersense certified) gallons-per-flush. You might want to look at the total length of the toilet, though, because some Toto elongated bowls can be close to some other brands' rounds, particularly if they are on a weird rough-in distance.

    Is your rough-in (the distance from the finished wall to the center of the closet flange; approximately the center of the bolts holding down the toilet) the standard 12"? Or is it 10" or 14"? I ask just because you mentioned small bathroom and 1940's house.

    The 1.6 is the famous G-Max flush which did a lot for Toto's reputation as a great flusher. The E-Max has been said by many who have both to be just as good as a practical matter.

    The Promenade is 19-1/8" wide. Drake is 19.5" wide. The round-bowl Ultramax is only 16.5" wide. You can see the spec sheets at www.Totousa.com. None are skirted. If you have a rough-in dimension other than 12", come back here, because I can point you to some skirted toilets that will work best on that rough-in (but will have an elongated bowl, which you may find is okay).

    The Promenade has some sinks in its Suite, but the reality is that all three designs can go well with a nice-looking traditional wall-mount or floor-mount sink. I was surprised how well our Carlyle II went with a traditional pedestal sink, and the Drake looks nice with a Kohler Portrait sink, even though they don't "match".

    Hope that's a good start for you...
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