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Thread: Toto All the Way!

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    Default Toto All the Way!

    I was hesitant about spending a lot on a toilet, but I researched and researched, and I always came back to Toto as the choice. When it arrived, I was thrilled at how nice it looked. Great design. It is a Toto 2-piece Ultramax. I love the seat and very quick, clean, efficient flush. The noise it does make is very brief and not too loud. It was worth it to spend extra for the ADA height/elongated seat. I was so happy with the quality that I have since purchsed a Toto one-piece for my small guest bathroom. I love it, too, and found that it fit nicely in a small space even with elongated seat and ADA height. I never thought I'd be so excited about toilets!

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    I have the one piece Ultramax (ADA) elongated, 1.6 GPF, G-Max flush and love it also.
    I'm totally sold on TOTO and recommend them all the time.
    They just work...perfectly.
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