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Thread: Tricks of the trade on removing caulk

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    Default Tricks of the trade on removing caulk

    I'm running a new caulk line around my new vanity sink/countertop.

    The kitchen, redone a couple years back, while I would not call it mouldy - is a undermount, with a negative reveal. Have been stringent on wiping the area down, etc but if I SHINE a flashlight source on it, it does look a lil grimey. I'm considering removing and recaulking. Not looking forward to the removing but we'll see if it comes off in 1 piece or will there be bits and pieces stuck on the sink.

    Any benefits on running a heat gun to it to heat it as I in theory pull it out in 1 strip. I plan to just score a line with a Xacto knife and the take it from there..

    I've used my Fein with the caulk remover tool on tubs, but I'm also working *overhead* with a exposed view of the joint, etc with great sucess

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    Your theory sounds great. It may just work. If it does not, go buy a bottle of something called LIFT OFF in the paint section of a Home Depot or other store. Amazingly this stuff will melt GE SILICONE II pretty quickly. I consider the GE stuff to be a really good quick setting product. Their white does not cure as quickly.

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