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Thread: Help - Upstairs Toilet Drain Keeps getting clogged with Toilet Paper

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    Default Help - Upstairs Toilet Drain Keeps getting clogged with Toilet Paper

    So in the past 45 days, I think our main line coming from the second story has clogged 3 times. First time I had the Plumber rod it out. We were fine. About 30 days later, it happened again, he agreed to rod it again for Free, so I said fine, let's hope that works, if not we go to Camera.

    Well this morning it happened again. We ran the camera down and between 7 feet and 10 feet the line was clogged with toilet paper. After clearing, we could find nothing wrong with the PVC (3" PVC), other than it looks to have some Rough sediment type texture on it. Imagining like Grout or something that might have been poured down. So it appears while watching toilet paper sometimes stops and then another piece will catch it, and eventually enough will get stuck.
    We looked up and down for a LONG time looking for burs or something to snag it, couldn't find anything.

    I have a Toto Ultramax 1.2 Gallon flush, and we use Charmin Ultra Soft TP.

    #1 He recommends switching TP, but my wife wants something soft. He said 1 ply, but I really want to know, what is soft and SAFE for no more clogs?
    #2 Is there a chemical or something i can pour down to help clear\lubricate the pipe so things flow down better and won't stall?

    I was thinking a more powerful toilet, meaning 3-4 gallons would help push all that TP. We are going to do 2 flushes and be more cautious, but I can' t live like this with my wife being pregnant!

    FYI - Just ran out and bought AngelSoft TP for upstairs bathrooms, I tested it in a glass of water and it really does just disintegrate after some swirling, charmin was just a GLOB when I dumped it in the toilet, Now I think I know why we were getting clogs. Our downstairs toilet can still get the Charmin, as this has it's own 4" drain line that has never clogged.
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