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    Default Chicago faucet tool

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    Hopefully here are a couple of pics of a tool or really a helper for repairing Chicago faucets that use the QUATURN cartridge. I made this out of resin, a two part liquid plastic that cures by a thermal reaction. As nice and expensive as a Chicago faucet is, the cartridge has a tendency to come apart. How that nut that holds the parts on the stem comes loose is a mystery to me. Once my handy dandy helper is installed , I screw on a 90 degree elbow, then a nipple and another elbow to direct the flow into the sink and then I can turn the water on to blast the loose parts out. I found some original cork cap gaskets and siliconed it in place to help seal out drips. So far two field tests on a vertical stem faucet has proved to be very efficient. A master part was created and then a silicone mold was made and then the part was made. Resin casting is pretty interesting stuff.
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