Hello this is my first post so I'll give you some background info. I'm retired FDNY living out in Vegas for the last 10+ yrs. Old softener took a dump 6 months ago so wife wanted to try the Pelican no salt system. Needless to say that didn't work out so well. I researched and then purchased a Fleck 7000sxt based on the 1" incoming service from the street. Tested the water with the Hach 5B and it is 18-19 gpg, there are three adults and 2 full baths. I left the sediment and whole house carbon filter before the softener, I figure the cleaner the water going in can't hurt. I know how to operate the pumps on a fire truck but I'm stumped when it comes to a softener. What settings would be good for my situation? Like everyone else I'm looking for top efficiency from this unit.

It is a 64K unit with a .125 BLFC.
One other question, I'm somewhat confused as to why the brine draw cycle is set for 60 minutes (7.5 gal draw with the .125 orifice) and the brine fill is set for less time (I think maybe 40 minutes 5 gals). Why would you pull more gallons out of the tank then you put back in? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, if more info is needed just let me know.

Thanks in advance.