I found this site by Googling DIY HVAC. I want to replace a vent that is in the basement. It is old and actually leaks. Seems like an easy DIY job that would make my day when completed.

So being the wise person, I am researching HVAC. The house I live in was built in 1927, but I don't know right now when the heating and ventillation system was put in. How big a project is it to replace a duct leading to a vent? It looks like an easy, almost fun, thing to do but then I found this forum and would love to hear some opinions on the complexity.

The vent I want to replace leads from a 2-year-old Goodman furnace. It is approximately 3 feet in length and ends
in the bathroom above. Thanks for being here and any replies.

Terri & the Pugs of Joy