Terry you really should be offering EAGO Toilets to your clients, they are a great Toilet at an affordable price. if you want to be a dealer contact me at info@eagocanada.ca

We are the Canadian Distributor for EAGO Bathroom Products and Ship all Across Canada and US and we stock spare parts for all EAGO products as well.

They are all skirted and one piece design. and the Flow on the EAGO Toilets is Fantastic.

Map rating on the TB346 toilet mentioned in this Thread is 700 which is great.

As for the referenced complaint about a part being weak that is referred to in this thread was from someone who bought one and did not know how to install it properly. They have hidden mounting bolts so you need to mount a flange to the floor at your 12" rough in first then the toilet which is rear porting just drops on and you silicone it to the floor. If you really want to make sure it cant go anywhere there are angle brackets that can be mounted that 1 screw on each side goes into and then cover plugs go over them.

if you want to buy an EAGO Toilet or other EAGO products see www.perfectbath.com or www.beautysaunasandbaths.com