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Size:  56.5 KBHello again, I must again state I'm a rookie, and recently the go-to-girl for all things 'household-busted'... While trouble-shooting my house drainage, discovered water gathered under the house from what appeared to be the A/C. We have had the crawl-space sealed up by foundation people and bugs and rodents are almost completely eliminated from space.
We have sopped up the mess (twice) and tested-cleaned out the pump which sends the condensate out to the side of the house. 2nd pass was to clean out the drain pipe, which was clearly plugged. (I realize we probably did that backwards.) Lots of water backed up under air handler coils, now cleared out. Picture attached: Two questions:
1) The water was backed up and leaking from the bottom of the air-handler. Now that it's clear, is the rusting on the coils cause for replacing them? Or drainage overflow pan?
2) The drain pipe has that 'u' and not sure the purpose. I want to take the whole thing out and make sure it's clear... Do I need to reconnect keeping the 'U' shape or can I make it more straight? Could the 'u' be intended to trap insects or something?? If so, that problem is likely gone.

Any help would be appreciated. Nance