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The Toto drake line is expensive and has overall lower waster remove I understand it is not a necessity to have a 1000 grams removal score. So why not just go with more power you might need it, plus AS is generally cheap in price but fairly high in quality.
Totally, completely wrong.

You can get a Drake almost anywhere for around $200. At Lowe's your Cadet 3 ranges from $190 to $350, depending upon model. At a minimum, they are comparably-priced, at worst, the Cadet is 50% more expensive at the price at which it is actually available, as opposed to "list price".

Moreover, AS's crappy quality-control has been documented on this forum over and over and over and over, as has Toto's meticulous quality-control, even on its less-expensive toilets, which is why plumbers like them