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Thread: Toto Nexus feedback, please?

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    Default Toto Nexus feedback, please?

    Thanks to forum feedback, in selecting a toilet, I am thinking about the MaP ratings and the availability of parts. While function is VERY important, I still seek a contemporary-looking toilet. Thank you for any feedback on the design and effectiveness of the Toto Nexus G-Max CST794SF, cyclone flush, comfort height toilet. This model is not included among the many Toto toilets recommended by this site. Is there a reason it was excluded? The model is distinguished by its tall oval-shaped tank cover. I would post an image if I knew how.

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    It gets a little confusing when the same question is asked in two separate threads. Just a quick remark about MAPP ratings. Terry and others have pointed out that any rating of over 500 is meaningless. One of the strong points of the Toto line is that regardless of the style you select, it will perform well and you really don't need to worry about MAPP scores.

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    I have a very early Nexus (pre-ordered before they were released). I have never had a clog, not even a second flush. We had some installation issues, which were, according to Toto, fixed on later production models. We'll probably be buying another Nexus for our guest bath renovation next year.
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    I have a few customers buying these. They work like the other TOTO models, but have a more modern styling.
    The home this went into has sweeping view of the Puget Sound. It was a nice home to work in.

    TOTO CST794E with SS204 seat.


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