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Thread: Is this a heatlhy diet for a cat? Bob's Diet.

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    I vote for the one on the left.
    And after reading this, I had to fix myself some food. Or someone die. I went down to Denny's and got their Ultimate Omelet.
    Coffee was okay, but afterwards hit up Starbucks for a Caramel Latte.

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    ha ha ha ha, Terry! lol... I voted for the orange cat on the right, that is Bob,
    That is too funny, you got me laughing and hurting myself. Reason, being... is, well, at least this time, I don't think I broke anything, but, I had an accident, and it hurts too laugh, breathe, walk, stand, run, pretty much anything. But, I am determined not to go back to the ER, those folks are getting to know me too well lately. This should be interesting to hear what I did... At Petco, on the second shelf was the kitty litter I wanted. It was a clumping kitty litter, 16 pounds of it. Well, I am like, The Little Ant that Could...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbQjkSFd7PE ( this is me with my kitty litter)

    But, I didn't. It came tumbling down on me, right on my chest. I yelped. Then, this guy came along and scooped up two of the 27 pound containers of the clumping kitty litter, and then, I thought, that might be a better deal. So, I yanked the fallen one out of the cart and put one of the 27 pounders on the bottom of the cart, where it promptly very promptly, without any warning, rolled off onto the top of both of my feet. Again, I yelped.

    Then, I get halfway into the other part of the store, and I spied, more kitty litter, that kind you fill up yourself after you buy one of there's. Now, that seemed like a better deal. The clumping kind, 16 pounds. I figured, I might have a hard time with the 27 pounder carrying it into the house. So, I bought one of their brand for 6.39, and you can take it back for a refill for a buck less.

    I get up front, tell the lady I don't want this one, ( the 27 pounder) but, that one. She takes it out of the cart and the cart rolls... right onto my feet. Up and over. By now, I am feeling no pain, just numb head to toe.

    I still went to work the next morning, and put in 10 hours. I worked for that kitty litter. I am cheap.

    I got an icecream cone. What did you get to eat so no one died? lol. Oh, wait, you had Dennys, lol. It's the pain meds.

    * One co-worker asked, " what's with the shoes? You never wear shoes like that." I said, " it's the only pair that fit my feet today, they are swollen." Being the observant and nebby friend she is, she then asked, " you look different today, busty, are you wearing a push-UP?" I said, " NO, they are swollen, too", and I dragged my sore swollen bruised body away.

    I don't know what was wrong with these shoes & socks today. Great office wear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie View Post
    Okay, no takers on the survey, or I didn't do the survey right, but, either way, Bob is on the right. I think he looks good for age. They may look like they were not enjoying the green salad but, they really did. They are so funny. Skunks are cool. now snakes...

    Yep, it is working, lol. I voted!
    I was thinking Bob was the one on the right.

    Thomas is bigger it looks like.

    And Bob has wrinkles on his ears.
    Theory only works perfect in a vacuum.

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    That is funny, wrinkles on his ears. I like that.

    Thomas is smaller, that is why I actually posted that pic because everyone would had picked him thinking, he was Bob due to the image which for some unknown reason makes him look huge, lol. I will post a pic later if you want to see, what I am tallking about, he is really quite small, a really small full-grown cat. He is very loveable, loves to he loved & held. Bob, well... he will rip your eyes out if you only look at him wrong. He is not a people person, only likes people food.

    It is cooler today. But, I am glad, I had a best girlfriend, fall over with heat stroke a month ago, and hit her head on a curb and now has brain damage. They had to operate on her to reduce the swelling, my heart is breaking into pieces, I saw her yesterday, and, it is terrible. The heat this year, the humidity, has been awful. I am very worried about her. I felt so bad for her husband and son. I have a friend, who tells me over and over for years, every summer, to drink alot of water, which I do, but, he worries about me, he knows, me, all too well, I guess. But, when I saw my girlfriend yesterday, my heart broke. She knew it was me, but, so little communication, and, what did she ask me about? Thomas. She wanted to see and hold him. So, today, I took Thomas down to see her.

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    Well, I spoke too soon. The heat is back. My girlfriend and I are going to open up a Kitty Ranch someday, when we retire. We have a private joke about it. She takes care of so many feral cats, she gets them fixed and finds them homes. In 2 years, we counted over 150 which we fixed and placed, in homes that only, have a couple other cats. No animal hoarders. She loves Thomas, and, maybe, when she gets better, I will give her Thomas. We'll see, I will try. Here is a better picture of them. He still looks big, lol. They both do, I think, the sun plumped them up.

    Now which one is Bob? The right or the left?

    If anyone caught my other pic not of the cats, that was a mistake, and one of the commerical buildings I had to take pics of for inspection.
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