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Thread: Is there a Made in USA toilet as good as a Toto?

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    Delta made a one-piece plastic toilet in the 70's. The shop I worked for had a red one on display. It was feather light. We never installed it, and I don't think we sold any either. It felt kind of flimsy.
    I've never felt good about plastic chairs either. There are a few more expensive and more solid ones out there. One thing I like when sitting, is something that doesn't move around underneath me. Unless it was made to be a rocker.

    What is breath-taking is how these bright and meticulous people could have built human death factories - on the surface, its the most civilized country on earth.
    That has surprised me too. Frankly I'm stunned by it. It was never logical. If you leave politics out of it, we would be the best of friends.
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