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Thread: Tankless water heater selection for 3 bath home

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    Default Tankless water heater selection for 3 bath home

    We have a very small laundry room which currently houses our washer and dryer and 50 gallon natural gas water heater.

    We are planning for a remodel of this tiny room and want to include replacing the hot water tank with a tankless unit (mostly due to size considerations and wanting to get back that space).

    I'm looking for some suggestions on how to spec out the job and which tankless unit might be appopriate in our case.

    Two of our three bathrooms which receive daily use for showers. The third bath is a guest bath that's never used for showers and only light duty for hot water.

    The master bedroom/bath is at the extreme far end of the home from the water heater location. This is where most usage occurs so we want to insure that the unit can adequately supply hot water to this location which is appx 80-90 feet away.
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