I'm not an HVAC pro but I would say I'm a semi-pro in just about everything else -- electrical, construction etc. and decided to do a small mini split in my bedroom (9000 btu).

It will be a breeze to do the mechanical stuff and electrical -- the lineset will probably be less than 10 feet, where I plan on putting it. (probably be more like 6 feet or so).

I've seen a few installs on youtube and it looks pretty straightforward but my question is this --

If I'm careful and absolutely nothing is leaking, aren't these designed where a DIY'er can actually just connect the lineset and you can pretty much start using them without any additional refrigerant charging?

I know a lot of you will say get a pro to check it out, but realistically? Guarantee the installation will be A1.

I guess the hardest part are the bends in the lineset? -- do you guys use some sort of jig or tool for this?