Hi all. I want to add a hand pump to my well setup. We live in a on an island in a pretty remote area. Power outages are not frequent, but can last a week or two. Our well: 75' to static water and well is about 180' total. We have an electric submersible that works fine when the electricity is working. Based on my initial research, it seems that there are about 4 options:

Simple pump: http://www.simplepump.com/. Price would be around $1800.
Bison pump: http://www.bisonpumps.com/. Price would likely still be around $1800
Flojak pump: http://flojak.com/flojak-store/stain...-well-pump-kit. Price would be around $900
Solar Power Systems pump: http://www.protectmypower.com/hand-water-pump.html. Price would be around $800.

So far it has been very difficult to get unbiased reviews of these products. I was hoping some folks here might be able to provide some information to help me evaluate the quality of the different hand pump options for my relatively deep well. I would like something that is not going to need a lot of maintenance and is going to work for many years. Any comments, information or help is much appreciated.

Thank you!!