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Thread: Iron and low Ph problem

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    Default Iron and low Ph problem

    I woul like to replace my calcite neutralization system with a solution based injection system.
    I would like to use a water controled dosing pump using a soda ash and hydrogen peroxide solution to cure my soluble iron and low Ph problems.
    Any information as to the as to the type pump to use.

    My well pump has a output in the 10-15 gpm range


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    I wouldn't do that, solution feeders can be difficult to live with and especially when you use one attempting to treat two different problems.
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    I agree with Gary on this one but... check out this pump, not sure if it will work for what you are trying to do but the specs are all there. http://www.hydrosystemsco.com/brands...izer-hn55.html

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    how about using an lmi, stenner, or seko injection pump with water meter you could use the water meter to hook up to one pump and have the other inject of the first pump. I would use soda ash and chlorine then you'll need a contact tank and a birm or nextsand filter.

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