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Thread: Residents of drought areas are being urged to conserve water

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    Default Residents of drought areas are being urged to conserve water

    Governments and water utilities are beseeching — and sometimes requiring — people who live in drought areas to use less water. Among suggestions:

    •Install water-efficient fixtures.•Repair leaky plumbing.


    Just one more reason to change out old, dated plumbing for new more water efficient plumbing.
    I seem to recall hearing from those in the middle of the country that conserving
    water was no big deal. It seems like it is this Summer. I was recently talking to a farmer from Illinois the other day about his corn crop. During the Winter he had told me that it had been years and years since he had experienced a bad crop. The Winter had left snow on the ground, and this years crop was looking to be a bumper crop based on water on and in the ground. He had considered at one point laying in some irrigation for future dry days, and decided the extra expense wasn't on the plus side of the ledger. Now the crop is looking dry, and they are waiting for rain. Cattle are being brought to market early, some being fed the stalks of corn that have been given up on. Instead of corn fed beef, maybe stalk fed beef. I'm guessing beef will be plentiful this Fall.

    For those that are still wondering about saving water around the house. The new 1.28 gallon high performance commodes plug less often then the old 5.0 gallon bowls. You can have your cake and eat it too.
    I remember when my father was farming is Eastern Washington, we hauled our water in for household use. We ran a big circle, but that water came from an irrigation ditch. We swam in it, but if we pumped it into our trailer and used it to flush the toilet, funny things grew in the tank.

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