This home was purchased seven months ago and I've been asked a dozen times, what is that pipe for? The front porch and the sidewalk is only about six feet from each other. The water and waste sewer system are connected in the front of the home. There is this 2" PVC pipe coming out of the ground and was about three feet high. The cap (glued) on it reads PVC DWV (Drain Waste Vent) In the small front yard there are two clean outs on either side of the home. I'm not sure which one is for this home. There could be two since I have bathrooms on each sides of the home and it's on a slab.

Today, I cut the pipe down and capped it off (not glued at this time) and I'm sure it is part of the septic system. The pipe was wet on the inside and not much of an odor. Does anyone know what this was used for. I'm assuming that during construction it might have been required for a pressure test. There are several of them around the neighborhood.

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