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Thread: Concrete used to fill well higher than contamination level??

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    Default Concrete used to fill well higher than contamination level??

    Long story but County dug a replacement well for one they had disrupted while removing a dam. Water tested as highly contaminated with aluminum, arsenic, sodium, boron, among others, to a level that the only treatment alternative would be whole house RO. Well driller thought he might have punched through a basalt layer and proposed adding concrete to raise the bottom. After doing so, quality improved to a fairly easily treatable level (iron, manganese, hardness). Is this an accepted practice? If well is used at a high volume (irrigation), would the original contaminates be able to sneak through the plug? Would you use this well for your drinking water?

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    Cementing between different water zones is a common practice. If properly installed it works very well. However, just because of the proximity of those nasty chemicals, I might have a test done every once in a while.

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