Hello there,
I didn't know who else to turn too. I've had a few plumbers out and I wasn't confident in their abilities especially for the price they were charging me just to see what the problem is.

I bought a foreclosed home in 2011, My home inspector should have realized there was an issue, but that's for another day. Here's the situation.

I have about a 2,000 sq ft basement. Half cement and then the other half is tile. There is a glazed block wall dividing the two sides. The side with the tiles is flooding, the cement side "Never ever floods". I have a small bathroom, it has a sink with a floor drain below it, the sink empties into this drain. 2ft from the sink is a toilet. Attached to this room is a cement room which I believe is "cold room". This room also has a drain. These 2 drains back up. I plugged the Cold room drain with a device I bought from lowe's. It has not flooded since. However, the drain underneath the sink is flooding, today I witnessed the toilet next to it bubbling and overflowing. This is alarming to me.

My initial thought was rain runoff getting into my floor drains which I believe to be connected to the gutters on my house. I redirected all gutters from the drains and instead into my yard hoping to resolve that issue of flooding. My concern now is this is the sewer backing up, however the water is mostly clear. I can not afford $500 + $150 for each additional hour for a plumber to snake,camera, and locate my lines. I'm willing to get dirty and do work myself I just need an idea of where to start.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!