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Thread: Deep Well Question

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    Default Deep Well Question

    Hi everyone. I have a question I can't seem to solve by my self.
    I'm prepping for when the SHTF and as you know water is key for survival.
    I have a water well that about 380 feet deep and has a submersible pump connected which is working. I dont want to rely on this when the SHTF because I don't know if we'll have electricity. I don't have much money so buying and installing a hand pump is difficult. I want to use the bailer bucket method but the current installation has the drop pipe right in the middle of the 8" casing. I figure I have about 2 o 3 inches around the drop pipe to fit a slim bailer bucket although I don't know if it will get stuck on the way down.

    I guess my question is: Can I move the current drop pipe to the side to make room for a bigger bailer bucket? Keep in mind this is a 380 feet drop pipe which should be pretty heavy. (There is no pitless adapter).

    Please, any help is kindly welcome.


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    You are just asking for trouble. That bailer or line will get tangled or stuck with the drop pipe and pump wire, then S will really HTF. If it gets that bad the first thing I would do is pull the submersible out. Then you can use a larger diameter bailer and get more water per run. At that depth you are not going to want to make too many trips. Probably use some of the drop pipe to make a tripod, so I could hoist the bailer with horsepower or kidpower.

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    If you are seriously concerned about when the SHTF, i'd seriously consider a generator. When fuel runs out we have a serious problem!
    Porky Cutter, MGWC
    (Master Ground Water Consultant)

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