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IF he was there "most of the day" his price was too cheap, and what was he doing the rest of the time if he only had the water shut off "for 45 minutes"?
Perhaps it is too cheap, but his work is done right and to me that matters.

The water cut off was only necessary until he had ball shut offs installed. He had to manhandle the old pipes out of their fittings and it took both he and his helper to do so. Once that was done putting in the shut offs was easy.
With them installed and turned off water could be restored.

Then he fabricated the faucet assembly onsite and installed it which included a lot of notching of studs and putting in
some blocks.

After that the drain took a couple of hours to cut out without doing damage to the tub. There is not a single scratch around the tub so he succeeded in doing zero damage. The putting everything backtogether and working from a tiny hole in the closet behind the tub with little leverage.

He had to go and get a spare part to complete the work which took about 45 minutes. Our A/C main drain runs into the overflow of the tub and required some extra hoops to make it all fit right.

He was here from roughly 9:30 to almost 5pm with about 45 minutes spent going for supplies.
He and his helper didn't even stop for lunch unless he snacked in that 45 minutes too. 8 hours at $480 for labor is $60 per hour. He's a licensed journeyman not a master plumber, btw and a person from the HOA told me the going journeyman rate is about $65 per hour. So he cut us a break or he put in more hours than he planned, but didn't charge more. Either way I'm satisfied with the work.