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Thread: pressurize RO reservoir water? need help

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    Default pressurize RO reservoir water? need help

    im trying to pressurize the water from my reservoir so i use in my grow room. right now im pumping the water into 5 gallon jugs and carrying them upto my room,
    my idea is to use a sump pump(float switch disconnected) to a smal 10-20 gal pressure tank controlled by a pressure switch, and them from there to my room that will have multiple faucets/spickets
    theoretically it would be a small scale well system but instead of the pump in a well it will be in a 35Gal reservoir
    will this work?? will a sump pump be strong enough to work with the setup i described?and how powerful should the pump be(horsepower wise?)?

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    I don't think plants want to live off of r/o water.. i think they may need some minerals in the water. not sure though because I don't grow pot, er, um,... plants and flowers and such. just a thought though. if you really want to use r/o water, why not just run a longer tube up to your room? the r/o faucet would not be able to make a lot of pressure before it shut off and went down the drain as waste water. the r/o system should be able to pump about 25 feet of 1/4" tube, so just run a line to where you want it and then use a shutoff at that point. easy peasy.

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