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Thread: Who likes Sundays?

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    Default Who likes Sundays?

    I used to like Sundays. I don't anymore. I would rather have an open house to do or any work than none. I volunteer to do Sundays and have become very popular with co workers. It wasn't always like this.

    It used to be I loved Sundays and couldn't wait until, that day came. I called it, Delicious Coffee Day.

    See, I never learned to make a good coffee, infact, it was quite undrinkable. On Sundays I would wake up and knew my husband was in the basement. Smoking that cigerette. lol. I would open the kitchen door leading to the basement and he would say, " Mommmy Too, you want to go get a delicious coffee?" And, I would scamper getting a slice of bread to go.

    There, we would jump into my car, which he called Flash, ( it was red and went fast) and we would head down to McDonalds. There we would sip our delicious coffees and that slice of bread? Was to feed the birds. We named pretty much most of them. One was Walking Crow. He would sit ontop the pole and wait his turn letting the little sputzies eat first. Then, he would fly down and walk over to the car for his.

    After feeding the Sunday birds we would head home to our little table in the basement where we would finish our coffees and with the little black & white Tv on, I would read him the local rag the local Sunday news.

    He would pat his knee saying, " mommmy too, come sit with me." There I would sit on his lap, wrap my arms around his neck and kiss his face. We did this for 24 years years.

    It is Sunday and I wish my buddy was here. You see, our anniversary is coming up, we would had been married now, 31 years. He might have traded me in.

    Marriage can work folks, when you find your soul mate.
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    My best friend is in the middle of a divorce. Pretty much at the tail-end. She reads here and is my very closest friend.
    Marriage can work when you find your soul mate.
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